Windows program to create Auction Listings for eBay and other auctions and classified ads publishers. You could call this program an Auction Editor, Auction Maker, Auction Generator, Auction Creator, Auction Presenter, Auction Producer or even an  Auction Factory because it lets you create auction listings without imposing predefined templates, themes or formats on you.
A Windows program to create eBay Auction Templates
Template examples above were prepared with Auction Decorator. Create your own in three easy steps :
Write and format your text in the integrated Document Editor
Decorate your listing, add images and colors to it with the Layout Editor
Publish your ad's text and its presentation at once to your Auction site of choice
WYSIWYG - No HTML, no coding
Auction Decorator enables you to :
  • Create your own visual identity
  • Design stunning unique auction listings
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Incite visitors to stay on your page
  • Sell faster and at a better price
This Auction Maker Wizard is for everyone to use. No special knowledge required. Occasional sellers as well as power vendors use Auction Decorator to quickly and economically create and post auctions to eBay and other similar sites. Listings created with Auction Decorator are compliant with these resources guidelines and rules.
  • Save money. Stop buying templates made by others
  • Insert as many product pictures as you wish, for free !
  • Use your own decorative images and match colors
  • Quickly associate any of your listings text with any layout
  • Preview and test your auction live, before publishing

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